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Dec 18, 2023

Is Die Hard REALLY a Christmas Movie? This is a question that every holiday season gets asked. And while Die Hard is a popular choice for those of us who are into unconventional christmas films, there have been a rise of others such as Batman Returns, Eyes Wide Shut, Lethal Weapon, and many many others that all claim to be Christmas Movies. So we are answering the question once and for all, what makes a movie a Christmas movie?


00:00:00 intro                
00:02:33 Follow us and hit the subscribe button                
00:04:06 Is diehard a christmas movie?                
00:06:46 What you watch on christmas is entirely up to you                
00:08:08 The definition of a christmas movie                
00:08:39 62% of people don't think Die Hard is a Christmas movie                
00:10:53 movies about christmas and movies that are set in christmas                
00:11:52 Is Silent Night, Deadly Night a Christmas Movie?                
00:14:37 Toxic Masculinity in Die Hard                
00:17:51 The role of release dates in Die Hard and Batman Returns                
00:19:57 What movies can you watch any time of the year vs. holiday movies                
00:21:07 Christmas Criteria #1- Does the movie take place during Christmas?                
00:23:16 The real reason why It's A Wonderful Life is a Christmas Movie                
00:26:02 Shane Black and Christmas Movies                
00:28:22 Our Christmas Classics never set out to be Christmas Movies                 
00:32:06 Criteria #2: Is Christmas Music Present In the Film?                
00:33:47 Brian's Super Scientific Litmus Test For Die Hard as a Christmas Movie                
00:34:51 Criteria #3- Emotional Drive                
00:38:25 Criteria #4- Greed is Overcome                
00:40:49 Criteria #5 -- How Does Anti-Christmas Play into it?                
00:45:28 Go (1999) is actually a Christmas movie                
00:49:50 Criteria #6- Viewing Traditions                
00:54:37 More Unconventional Christmas Movies                
00:58:29 The Defense & Prosecution for Die Hard as a Christmas Movie                
01:04:10 Batman Returns is also a Christmas Movie                
01:06:12 Outro    

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