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Aug 15, 2016

Ready for seconds?  This week, Brian, John, and Elaine deliver part 2 of our epic Ghostbusters (2016) review.  We get into more of the nitty gritty with this controversial film, like why the technology has improved with special effects since 1984 yet we end up with shitty looking ghosts in this new one.  Or why does Slimer have a Slimer Girlfriend?  Also, what is with the intense amount of blatant product placement?  Pringles anyone?  So sit back with your green twinkles and ecto cooler as we plow through part 2 of our Ghostbusters (2016) review.  

Movie News!
No movie news this week.
Ghostbusters (2016)


In light of the controversial nature of the film, we felt it was necessary to give a bit of a disclaimer on our review.
Our review of the film is an HONEST review.  All three of us watched the film and came to our own conclusions.  This is our opinion, you can agree or disagree with it.  But we welcome discorse and debate.
Keep in mind, this is only a movie.  If the energy used to battle this movie was used to combat real sexism (ie. pay equality, etc.) a lot of those problems could be dealt with.

Special Effects...BLAH!

Over 30 years later and despite technical advancements you actually have ghosts looking worse than the originals.
Discount Scooby Doo ghosts
Pull off one of the ghost's heads and you will find Paul Feig complaining about how he would have gotten away with it too if it weren't for those meddling fans.

Product placement

Continuing the product placement circle jerk of modern films, pringles, papa johns pizza, twinkies, and ecto cooler are clearly necessary for fighting ghosts.

Movie definitely had a lot cut out

Chris Hemsworth freezes the cops and military at the end in a weird disco dance move, setting up what would have been a very funny dance number.....but no you don't get that until the end credit sequence cause you know...reasons.

Ending villain again is really terrible 

"Nerdzer"  All the power of Gozer but a nerd.
Given how powerful this one particular ghost is, why does he have to jump into Chris Hemsworth's body to begin with to quite literally flip a switch?

Things that don't make fucking sense in the last act

Ghost Zone bullshit.
Driving around New York City with a fucking nuke on top of your car.
Hair turning white because of being in the Ghost Zone.
No tension between Abby and Erin to warrant the ending Ghost Zone sacrifice.

Final Thoughts

This movie, despite controversy, will ultimately be forgotten.  It is summer fluff.
The single silver lining to this film is that this movie does have positive feminist roles in an industry that continually sexualizes women.
If Paul Feig wanted to proved the detractors wrong, make a better fucking film.
The "controversy" in this film was manufactured.
Audiences have reached a saturation point where we are ultimately tired of remakes and reboots manufactured to take advantage of nostalgia.

"Why should I go see Ghostbusters"  By Erin

Ghostbusters (2016)- Trailer #2

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