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Sep 2, 2016

We're back!!  After a 2 week hiatus mainly due to a nasty case of Bronchitis and food poisoning, we're back and better than ever.  This week we pay homage to the passing of Willy Wonka himself; the great Gene Wilder.   We also dive head first into the newest pile of franchise crapolla with David Ayer's Suicide Squad.  Does DC redeem themselves for Batman v Superman with the anti hero squad of goofy cartoon characters mixed with sucker punch visuals? We'll find out today!  

Movie News!
Legendary Actor Gene Wilder Passes Away at 83
Suicide Squad (2016)

Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen!

This movie smells of studio fuckery.
Warner Bros and DC were scared to death by the reaction to Batman v Superman.
Their solution was to recut the film by adding more humor and making it much lighter than the original darker cut.

Suicide Squad only consists of Will Smith and Margot Robbie

Despite being a movie about a group of anti heroes we end up with a 90 minute movie only about Will Smith and Margot Robbie.
Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn is pointless and only serves to be the so called "Sexy Lamp."
I am personally sick and tired of the "I've gotta do right by my daughter" motivation for every villain/anti-hero.  It is played out and dumb.

Weak-ass Villains

Viola Davis is a fantastic actress but as Amanda Waller she is utterly wasted.
Amander Waller has already been done right in animated form (voiced by CCH Pounder) as well as in live action on Arrow.  So why the fuck up with the live action film?
The Enchantress is a weak villain who's big power is throwing goo monsters at the Suicide Squad.

An iTunes Playlist is not a Soundtrack

Seriously, just because you can string together a bunch of popular songs doesn't mean that is a soundtrack.

Jared Leto Ruined Method Acting

Dear Jared Leto, you are not Heath Ledger and no matter how many used condoms or dead pigs you prank your co stars with, you will never touch the level that Heath Ledger achieved with his performance of The Joker.
This Joker is extremely weak and forgettable.
The movie itself skips over the need for The Joker in the first place.
The tone of The Joker and the movie is basically MTV scissored Hot Topic.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations DC and Warner Bros., You fucked up again!!
This movie is the reason we do not deserve good movies.  This film grossed fairly well in theaters and will basically be proof to Hollywood that churning out shit is ok despite critics ripping it apart.


Suicide Squad (2016)- Trailer

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