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Jul 29, 2016

This week Brian sits down for another featured interview; this time with award winning filmmaker and founder of Seraph Films LLC, Gene Blalock.  Gene talks about his filmmaking career and how his films although mostly based in the horror genre, surpass the genre tropes by featuring a strong emphasis on character and storytelling.  Known primarily for his popular short horror films including the Horror Haiku Series, Visions, and Unlucky Girl he is also able to pivot from the horror genre to crafting touching and compelling films such as To Kristen with Love and A Second Chance at Christmas.  

Movie News!
No movie news this week.
Gene Blalock Interview

Film School vs. No Film School

Seraph Films began as a group of friends making short films for the sake of telling stories.
While film school does have the benefits of networking and access to equipment, going out and making films is the most important thing.

People are the magic behind Seraph Films

Seraph films is what it is based on the power of the collaboration and fostering passionate creativity.
Film by it's very nature is a collaborative art.  Its not a solo art like painting or sculpture.
No place for egos.

Budget is the biggest challenge

Write stories and characters for the budget you have not the budget you wish you had.
Know your limits and play to your strengths.

There are alternatives to film festivals

Seraph Films primarily is distributed via youtube and has amassed a massive following of subscribers.
Film festivals promise a laurel and reviews, but the amount of money, planning, travel may not pay off with the exception of getting that laurel.

Short Films 

Short films allow you to develop as a filmmaker.  You can make as many mistakes as you want and apply what you have learned to the next film, building up your skills along the way.

Horror is about the payoff

Horror is about the build up to the payoff.  Developing the characters and building the world with compelling storytelling all tie into the rising tension and ultimately the payoff for the audience.

Seraph Films LLC- Indictment- Teaser Trailer

Check out Seraph Films LLC at their official website.

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