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Jul 22, 2016

This week Brian sits down for a featured interview with one of the best genre bending indie filmmakers out there; Writer, Director, and Spider-Man (seriously):  Steve Rudzinski of Silver Spotlight Films.  Steve talks about his filmmaking journey and his successes with such films as Everyone Must Die, Captain Z and the Terror of Leviathan, Super Task Force One, and his newest film currently in post production, CarousHELL.  

Movie News!
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Steve Rudzinski Interview

Find your style

During his filmmaking career, Steve Rudzinski found his "style" of combining comedy with horror.
Steve has also managed to keep the public guessing by changing up the genres with each film.  Jumping from a slasher film, to a tokusatsu film, to a pirate adventure film, and so on.

The mechanics of combining comedy and horror

Steve's approach is to have fun with horror.  He isn't trying to make a brooding thriller.  His strength is creating likable insane characters that you care about and root for.
Mapping out the character's relationships is ultimately how you develop complex three dimensional characters that the audience can relate to.
Let your actors do what they need to to bring the characters to life.

Film is a business as well as art

Film is still a product and you as the filmmaker need to understand the big picture instead of getting caught up on every little detail that may set you behind
Finding financing is tough.  Sometimes, as in the case of CarousHELL, you get lucky at Christmas Parties and find investors who believe in you and your project.
Film festivals are not always the be all end all way of getting your movie out.  Soft release your film with dvds at a premiere, do conventions, and generate buzz through reviews and interviews that you then can share when approaching a distributor.

Steve is also Spider-Man

Steve's day job is working as a official Marvel super hero actor who has played Spider-Man, Iron Man, etc.  So he quite literally is Spider-Man.
Women apparently really really really like Spider-Man.

Silver Spotlight Films Timeline

Check out Silver Spotlight Films at their official website.

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