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Nov 12, 2016

Things get a little "Strange" this week as Brian, John, and Elaine throw on their sling rings and dive into the mind bending mystical stage 3 marvel film, Doctor Strange.  We try to use our mystical movie powers and conjure answers to some of the biggest mysteries facing this entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe such as does it suffer from  weak villains that aren't Loki and forgettable female characters that marvel gives no time to.  Also is Benedict Cumberbatch playing Tony Stark or Doctor House or some other asshole who is redeemed after some trauma?  So grab your cloak of levitation and trip out on the astral plane as we review Doctor Strange.

Movie News!
A Furby Film Now is in The Works....Cause We Don't Deserve Good Movies.

Doctor Strange (2016)

The Story
  • Doctor Stephen Strange is an accomplished surgeon who seemingly has bordering on being a what could go wrong.
  • Strange gets into a horrible car accident that cripples his hands.
  • Strange becomes obsessed trying to cure his hands and return to his career.  In his search, he comes across Karma-taj, a mystical place run by The Sorcerer Supreme: The Ancient One.
  • Strange learns to master the mystical arts and get over his own hubris along with battle the villainous Kaecilius who looks to open The Dark Dimension and it's overlord, Dormamu, to our world.
Meh Things
  • Racial white washing in casting
  • The Ancient One in the comics is asian.  In this adaptation, Tilda Swinton plays The Ancient One which is indicative of Hollywood's love affair with casting white people in non white roles.
  • Suffers from the typical Marvel villain problems.
    • Marvel is notorious for crafting extremely forgettable villains (other than Loki of course).
  • Kaecilius is extremely under developed and is given no time to develop as a character or add any reason to care or relate to the villain.
  • Doctor Strange acts just like Tony Stark and even goes through the same kind of "trauma" and character arc as Tony Stark.
Awesome Things
  • Visual effects are simply beautiful in this film.
  • Definitely worth seeing in 3D simply for the ability to trip out during the alternate dimension scenes.
  • The story itself, despite being predictable, does stand on it's own and doesn't feel like a checklist for the next Avengers film (**I'M LOOKING AT YOU AGE OF ULTRON!!**).
  • Cumberbatch does create a solid Stephen Strange that adds just the right amount of humor without going full Whedon.
  • Ending is fantastic as it uses the ability of Doctor Strange outsmarting Dormamu instead of simply punching him.

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